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With the help from our generous donors and supporters, our mission is carried forward when we are able to provide financial support to the patients that we serve. Southeastern Assistance in Healthcare would like to share the faces and stories of our patients with all of those who make the AIH mission possible. Please consider sharing your story with us.

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Funds donated to Southeastern Assistance in Healthcare go directly to patients and their families. Your generous support is a critical contributor to the success of our mission in helping cancer patients and their families. Please consider supporting Southeastern Assistance in Healthcare by making a donation or volunteering your time.


"These adorable children's grandmother is being treated at CTCA in Newnan. After seeing the many patients while visiting CTCA with their grandmother, they wanted to do something to help cancer patients. They decided to sell lemonade..."

"Thank you to my new found family who brightened my darkest days. I never imagined the care I received was available and surely could not afford it. Thank you Assistance in Healthcare for your sincere generosity."

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